The Ascent of Open Source AI Language Models

One Phrase..... "Dalai, LLama, Alpaca". The era of open source AI Language Models started and it will not end there. ChatGPT(OpenAI) is simply the innovator, just as Apple brough the Iphone innovation which altered the smart phone market with it's onscreen perfected keyboard & AppStore developer driven incentives. As much as I'm exited for Artificial Intelligence and it's sudden explosion into the technology ecosystem, I believe we are still in the very early stages of knowing the outcome and impact it will have.


As Sam Altman( said himself, CEO of OpenAI on an interview with Lex Friedman(a well know computer scientist, podcaster, and artificial intelligence researcher) "Sam Altman: OpenAI CEO on GPT-4, ChatGPT, and the Future of AI | Lex Fridman Podcast #367", ChatGPT itself could end up being remembered as a leap into the future in the ever growing story about artificial intelligence. In other words, the technology at hand, it's usage and impact is currently at a very early stages.

Open Source AI Language Models in my humble opinion, their adoption, evolution, their ease of use on implementations on the next two years could change the current landscape forever eliminating bias that currently exists on available public models like GPT-4, Bard and others. 

Just like every new impactful innovative technology that has come to us in the past, eg iPhone, Printing Press, Telephone, Camera, etc.

Give the people the power to be part of molding and affecting the system, great things will come.