Out of Your Comfort Zone

I've read lots of motivational, business, and leadership books.  I truly enjoy a variety of subjects. To me, books and other sources of good content should provide at the  minimal, a different perspective. They should require you to get out of your comfort zone. Interestingly enough, I have come to realize that change can't be directly influenced by any content (books, audio, blogs, etc). Although these help to give us ideas and reasons for motivating ourselves, our best comes when we make up our own recipe -- that secret sauce, or custom program,  and decide what feels best for ourselves.
There is really no guide to success or failure....stop looking, It doesn't exist. Instead, build your own as you go, learn it well and execute it.
In other words, think for yourself and step out of your comfort zone. During  2001-2006, while running an outsourcing information technology business for small companies, colleges, and government entities, I didn't had time to look for content on improving or taking operations to the next level. However, I did  learn something valuable, and it shapes my thoughts,  execution of ideas, and business ventures. I have found  that every time I step outside my comfort zone (routine... the usual... that safe place...), take controlled risks, and pull away feeling SAFE, I execute ideas faster and better. I recharge myself with certainty and have tons of fun. Successful entrepreneurs, big thinkers and others have mastered staying away from that safe place, challenging themselves and charging up their certainty every day. They take the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone very seriously, and experience serious benefits from it. Are you creating your own custom recipe for success? Very nice article by Owen Greaves on The Future Of Business Is Not Playing It Safe